Thursday, 8 August 2019

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How Coaches Can Save Time With InstaTeam

The one regret coaches have is time. Every good coach wishes he had spent more time with the team practicing. Ironically, instead of spending most of their time in training, coaches end up spending a huge chunk of their time in administration and communication with the team. And this is the exact same problem InstaTeam tackles. InstaTeam eases communication, automates most of team administration provides a common platform for all team related activities.

Here’s how coaches can use InstaTeam to its full potential and save time on clerical tasks, providing more time to think, strategize and practice the game. 

Use the team calendar

Last minute planning can eat up a lot of time and energy. Just mark events in the InstaTeam app, you will get automatic reminders to help you remember the task. InstaTeam app auto syncs with your Google Calendar or other digital calendar on your device. You don’t have to maintain different calendars; one common calendar will take care of your entire schedule. Also, do not forget to mark reminders while you put in the event. We recommend putting 2-3 reminders for each task. For instance, for a game, the first reminder can be set for 2 days prior to the event such that you can send team messages for players and parents to make appropriate arrangements for being present for the game. Parents can put reminders for an event two days prior to make carpool arrangements if they have to. Similarly, one day prior reminder for the can help make the previous-day arrangements for the game day. And the game day reminder would help the coach, player and parents to be on the venue on time. All it takes is a few taps to set reminders, and life becomes so organized.

Online registrations

Use InstaTeam app to do digital registrations which take fraction of a minute to complete. Getting paper registrations filled and later keying in that information into an excel sheet can be very tedious and daunting, exactly how a coach doesn’t want to spend his time. Online registrations are convenient, easy and super quick.


Use InstaTeam for all your communication, with the team and with the parents. You can send messages to the entire team in just a tap. The message you send will also be sent automatically as email, so your audience can access is anytime, anywhere. Most of the communication on InstaTeam is automated, like assigning volunteer responsibilities, marking player attendance for an event, etc. Coaches do not have to spend time communicating all those things individually to each player and parent, and later coordinating it all.


Encourage parents to take up volunteer work for the team. Someone can be in charge of refreshments, someone can handle first aid, some of them can do fundraisers for a season, someone can chip-in for getting sponsorships for the team, a sport-savvy parent can assist in drills during practice, someone can take care of carpool coordination for the team and so on. There is a lot of talent and ability people have, and the best part is most of the parents would happily get involved in their child’s sport endeavor. All parents need is a little push to get involved. Once the initial inertia is taken care of, it’ll be a smooth ride. Good communication and collaboration between the coach and parents also helps improve the team’s performance.



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