Wednesday, 14 August 2019

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Here’s Why Your Sports Team Should Have A Website

A website is not an ancillary, it is an essential. Many a times teams feel that since they are not operating at a national level, having a website isn’t important. But even with local teams, all stakeholders, potential players, parents, potential employees, sponsors, fans, league teams and more, would look for information about your team on the website. Apart from this compelling reason, here are some more reasons stating why should your team have a website.

Online Presence

The first and foremost reason for having a website is having online presence. Anybody who searches for your team should be able to land on some page that provides information about your team. Most of the times when people do not see a website, they do not have faith, it’s like not having an office!

Consolidated Information

All team related information, team media and important communication can be put on the website. Anyone interested in the team, sponsor, potential players, coaches and selectors, all can access team information on the website. The website can be synced with InstaTeam, where in any change in the schedule, or any event added will automatically be updated on the website.


While InstaTeam takes care of intra-team communication, a website can be the face of the team for outside world. There are several reasons why the team would need to communicate with the outside world, there are sponsors, there are leagues, if the team is scouting for good staff, potential players, all of these would want some medium to read up, find information, compare and analyse, a website is the perfect medium.

Anytime, anywhere access

The information on the website can be accessed 24x7x365, and from anywhere. Along with InstaTeam, the website can be the source of latest information on the team, the schedule, poster or any other information.



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