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Enhance Your InstaTeam Experience: Harness The Power Of Real-Time Teamwork

What’s better than your team using InstaTeam? Your team really using InstaTeam!

If you are the coach or athletic director of a team that is affected by impaired communication, or the lack of connection in the team, we know how distraught it can be. And in the desperation, you might be trying methods and tools to get communication going. But any tool or method is only as good as it’s use, else it’s useless.

If you’ve just installed InstaTeam, and am about to introduce the sports team management app to your team, here are a few tips that will help encourage your team members to get into the habit of using it, and get your team work on a roll.

The first step would be getting InstaTeam installed on mobile phones. It’s important that parents and players have the app on their mobile phones, because that is one device people never part with. With the virtue of being on mobile phones, InstaTeam will be able to keep the team connected, anytime, anywhere. Along with mobile phones, parents should also install the app on other devices like a tablet, if they use one, or desktops as well. Also, make this mandatory. Bring it out as an official communication.

Once people have InstaTeam installed on their smart phones and have joined the team, keep a session to introduce InstaTeam features to parents. Although, the app is super easy and most people will be able to figure it out in the very first go, but having an orientation session would be a good start.

The next step is to start communicating with the team on InstaTeam. Send some important communication, like announcing practice and asking players to mark attendance. Initially there will be both, resistance and ignorance. Some people have their good old ways of communication, and come what may, they will not come out of their comfort zone. As the admin, you will have to be firm, any communication other than InstaTeam will not be considered. Then there’ll be some people who will blissfully just ignore the communication, because they are not in the habit of the app. Some clubs have experienced people just clearing out the notifications without even reading them. You will have to literally force the habit of using InstaTeam initially. We call it app-inertia. Once people start using it, they’ll fall in love with the convenience the app brings to them. But the initial inertia will need to be tackled. Do not entertain communication in any other form, no sms, no email.

Apart form communication, you will also have to give the initial push to encourage people to use other features of InstaTeam such as social media, carpool, etc. Accept payments through the app only. Once the app is established as the only mode of team work, people will get habituated to the app, since all team work can be managed though InstaTeam, effectively and efficiently.

The resistance is mostly because of two reasons, one – people do not like change, and two – another app seems like a task, an added task. It’s only when people know that instead of adding to the list of apps and tasks, InstaTeam actually takes off a lot of burden, dependence on a variety of apps and brings in convenience, people will themselves get into the habit of the app. You would be required to work the initial rollout, and then you’ll see how the whole team, including parents, gets habituated to real-time team work on InstaTeam.


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