Saturday, 10 August 2019

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Digital Roster That Supports A Growing Team

In any sport, roster plays a major role. In youth sports it is all the more important because apart from the team’s ranking, a roster has the child’s parent details and other important information. Every time a communication has to be sent to the player regarding any important information about the game, the message should reach the child’s parents or guardians also, whoever is responsible for bringing the child to the game. Which means every time the coach creates a roster for the team, all the information with regards to parents, other listed contacts, emergency contact, home address, important notes etc. have to be rewritten.

InstaTeam’s digital roster gets created automatically as and when you add a player. You can keep adding players and the roster gets automatically updated. When the season changes, all you need to do is add new members, and delete the ones that are no longer a part of the team. You don’t have to go through the process of creating a new team, a new roster, adding all the details all over again.

Here’s how you can add information to a player’s profile on InstaTeam:

Open the InstaTeam app, home screen. Choose the team. In the team home screen, scroll down and choose the player name, in whose roster you want to add details.

Scroll down, tap on ‘Add Parent’

The screen would show the names of parents already in the team. To add a new parent choose, ‘Not on the list’.

Fill in the relevant details.

InstaTeam app allows adding a total of four parents for each player. More details can be added in the ’Custom Parameters’ section.

All numbers that are added to the profile will receive notifications and reminders in regards to the game schedule or any other important communication.

Coaches need to feed all this information only once. The whole roster and communication will be taken care of there on.



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