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Money Kicks

Coaching, playing, living the game – the good stuff. Chasing for payments – the bad stuff.

Do you reckon with this one? If you do, here’s another reason you’ll love InstaTeam, the app does most of the bad stuff for you.

In a sports team there’s some or the other payment stuff going on every now and then – coaching fee, season fee, uniform, game tickets, transportation and so much more. Team managers, admins, even coaches are left with the dirty job of flowing up with players and parents, giving them ‘gentle reminders’, emailing outstanding payment amount and chasing up in very possible ‘polite’ way for collecting dues.

InstaTeam makes life a lot easier for team managers, admins or coaches who are responsible for collecting payments.

Here’s how you get started by adding payments to your team.

1.     Open the InstaTeam app.

2.     Tap on the team name in which you want to add payment item.

3.     Tap on the 3 dots on the top right-hand-side corner.

4.     Choose ‘Dues and Payment Items’

5.     Tap on ‘Yes’ for creating a payment item.

6.     Select the team/teams for the payment item


Your payment item is done.
If you are doing the payment thing for the very first time, you may be required to link your team with ‘Stripe’ or ‘Paypal Account’. Just follow simple steps and within seconds your linking will be done. Now you can accept or make payments through the InstaTeam app.

As you register for the payment item, you can either put the same dues for everyone, say if the dues are for uniform and each kid is required to pay the same amount, or you can put different amounts for each kid, say if these were dues for some merchandise wherein different players have different dues.

Once all the settings are complete, InstaTeam app sends out automated emails along with handphone notifications to all members informing them about their due amount. The app also sends reminders.

Accepting payment

The payment notification will call out for the parents’/players’ attention letting them know that a new payment is due. The team members can see all the details on their interface – how much do they need to pay and for what.

Online payments – Getting payment directly into the bank account is one of the best ways to get paid. Your ‘Stripe’ account allows you to accept credit card payments in a super easy and convenient way. Parents can also choose to pay through their Paypal accounts, which again is a breeze. Like any payment gateway, ‘Stripe’ and ‘Paypal’ will take care of the technicalities of financial transactions, like transferring money between accounts, detecting fraud/wrong transactions etc.

Accepting cash

On the InstaTeam App there’s an option of accepting cash payment also. You just need to go to ‘Accept payment’ and choose ‘Cash’ as the option there.

InstaTeam comes as a savior for both accepting and making payments. Just tell the app that you need a make, and InstaTeam will take it on from there.

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