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Boost Your Payment Collection with InstaTeam

Like discussed in Money Kicks ( ), collecting payments happens to be the toughest task of coaching. We at InstaTeam, understand a coach’s challenges and have built our app around making team management simpler.

The app-based payment system makes accepting payments and keeping track really simple. However, bringing people to pay remains a challenge. Here are a few ways you can get people to clear their dues without actually offending them.

Send reminder messages

While everybody sends ‘gentle reminders’ for dues, you can actually send helpful messages that provide easy links to making online payments or send push notifications that help parents directly to the payments page.

Incentivize timely payment

Offer early bird discounts, offers or even discount coupons from a sports store. You can partner up with a local sports store, who wouldn’t mind extra sales. On the flip side, you can impose fine on who pay up late.

Provide easy payment options

Sometimes parents can have genuine problems like a money crunch that the family might be going through. In that case you can offer the facility to pay up in parts, like an installment scheme. On the InstaTeam app you can customize the payment option to make it as per the number of installments. This way the installments will be recorded and there won’t be any confusion also.

Develop a healthy relationship with parents

When parents have a bonding with you, they are more likely to relate to your situation. More so, if they are not able to pay, they’ll at least inform you and maybe even discuss their situation with you. having a frank chat helps. A mutual empathy develops. And who knows, the discussion might lead to way out.  Do not hesitate to ask for fee payment if its long overdue. There has been a professional association and you’ve kept your side of the deal by coaching the child well, so you shouldn’t have the slightest of hesitations.


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