Monday, 6 May 2019

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Youth Sports: Key to Successful Scheduling

Creating a successful game schedule is a challenge. There are so many permutations and combinations that need to be worked that it sure requires some serious planning to be put into it. Dates need to be managed around field availability, blackout dates, other engagements, time restrictions, division balance and of course, school schedules. If you are looking for some help creating a schedule that works for everyone, here are a few pointers.

Start with some help

Creating a game schedule from scratch can be pretty daunting. It’s a good idea to start with a little help. You can start with last year’s schedule, or download some example templates , or you can start building your schedule with the help of these ready spreadsheets . Having a reference point will make things a lot easier.

Blackout Dates

You may not know all the blackout dates in advance, but you will know most of them. List down all the blackout dates for the whole year. This list will come in real handy while preparing the schedule. You’ll know exactly when a game should not be scheduled.

Game Fields

If you are scheduling games, ‘where’ is an important aspect. You will have to make your schedule as per availability of fields. You also need to consider other factors such as field size, lights, amenities etc. Before you start working on your schedule, a good practice would be to list down fields that can be used with their amenities and limitations. For smaller games and younger teams, you might not want the big fields as much as you would need them for older teams.

Dates and Numbers

You must know when you want to start and when you want to end the season. Your schedule will have to fit in accordingly. Numbers are important too. How many teams are playing? How many games you want to play? What are the time slots available for different fields? What is the field capacity? You must have all those numbers handy at any given point during scheduling.


Don’t expect yourself to be omnipresent, you cannot be. It would really help if someone can handle things while you are away or handling something else. As is, delegation will only make you more functional and efficient.

InstaTeam’s Automatic Scheduling Tool

Automatic scheduling by InstaTeam is a real life-saver. It will walk you through the process and in just a few taps your scheduling will be done. You can review your schedule as and when. And as you finalize the schedule, the entire team’s calendars will be populated automatically. Any changes thereafter, will also be notified automatically to each and every member. So, while the app takes care of all this basic stuff, you can concentrate on the game.

All the best. Have a great season.



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