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Youth Sports: Essential Checklists for Coaches

Check before the season starts:

·        Review schedule
o   Practice schedules – How many practices per team, inter-team practice matches, intra-team practice.
o   Game schedule.
o   Team schedule calendar – share it with parents, use sports team management application like InstaTeam to communicate the schedule, auto-sync it with calendar, put notifications, reminders.
·        Verify equipment – from Jerseys field and off field equipment including bats, balls, net etc.
·        Verify uniforms for players – jerseys, socks, shoes, under armor, helmets, safety gear etc.
·        Verify accessories like medical kit, ice packs etc.
·        Verify player information – contact information, present address, parents’ details, emails, contact numbers, emergency contact etc. Share coaches’ and staff details with parents and players. Also share important information like off days, day phone, evening phone etc.
·        Drinks and snacks for players. If there is a snack schedule where in players have to get their own snacks, share it with parents.
·        Review best practices with parents and players. Lay down behavior guidelines for players and their parents. Handover a clear list of Dos and Don’ts.
·        Delegate responsibilities like snack volunteering, carpooling etc.

Before the game day:

·        Confirm schedule.
·        Confirm game venue, game time, reporting time.
·        Share game roster.
·        Review field preparation.
·        Review game attendance – Ask for event confirmation on your sports team management application. Attendance confirmation can be done easily in a single tap on InstaTeam.
·        Review volunteer responsibilities such as drinks, snacks, carpooling etc.
·        Check weather.


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