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The Insta ‘Yoga’ Team

Dorothy Weiner sits like a yogi, with her eyes closed, legs crossed and hands joined together in Namaste position.

Dorothy slowly opens her eyes, takes a deep breath and instructs others in the group to follow her for ‘surya namaskar’. She slowly stands up and other people sitting in the room on their yoga mats, follow.

It’s like a typical yoga class, only, it’s not a yoga class. This is in a conference room of a LA based IT company where Dorothy is a project manager. The others are her colleagues from various departments. Dorothy has been leading yoga sessions for the past seventeen months, with one hour of a session every working day.

How did it start?

Dorothy had been practicing yoga since years but recently, as her job became more demanding, she had to give up her fitness regime to time crunch. Work pressure, stress and a demanding lifestyle added to her woes. Dorothy not only felt physically fatigued, but also mentally and emotionally exhausted. Dorothy realized she wasn’t alone. She knew she had to something. Dorothy, along with a few members of her team started a small group. They started doing yoga on a daily basis. Not only did they feel calmer, but their health, both physical and psychic, improved. People started joining in, and the program started becoming more popular in the office. 

As per a 2012 study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Yoga and mindfulness exercises at work help relieve stress and improve focus. “Practicing Yoga helps gain control over stressors in your environment, gives you a better sense of control”, says Joe from Dorothy’s Yoga team. Another team member Sara says that she has become more productive in the same number of hours.

The art of managing Yoga at work

It wasn’t an easy road to begin with. Dorothy had to convince her manager to give time and place during working hours. She also had to convince her team members who were time crunched with loads of work and strict deadlines. “Once the group was formed and the management agreed for time and place in the office, I knew there would be no looking back. The group started expanding and more people related to the concept. The management was also happy as productivity increased”, says Dorothy. Dorothy’s program became popular with both the staff and management. Several Yoga teams were formed and Dorothy was given the additional charge of “wellness officer”. She had to organize teams, set timings and supervise the yoga sessions. Before she knew it, they had Yoga teams, and more than just a voluntary program, it became a office sponsored activity compulsory for employees. “As the team grew bigger, communication and co-ordination started taking a lot of time. But then I found InstaTeam, a team management app and fell in love with it. I can now schedule yoga sessions for different teams and send push notifications in just a few taps,” says Dorothy who’s now proudly multitasking. InstaTeam app allows her to simplify communication and coordination while saving her time and hassle.

Dorothy’s InstaTeam yoga team has become a successful model for many companies, and a lot many are adopting it.


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