Monday, 27 May 2019

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Team Media

After a game season is over, team photos and videos become the prized possessions that bring back all the fond memories and moments. With people’s obsession with photos and camera phones becoming the norm, getting good team shots is not difficult at all. In fact, almost all parents have great pictures from the game, different moments captured, different moods captured, different shots in different cameras. The challenge is to bring all these pictures together, accessible for all the team members.

Here’s where InstaTeam comes in useful. Our sports team management app, InstaTeam, gives you a convenient, social and secure platform to share all your team photos, accessible to the whole team.


All photos, whether taken on your smart phone or SLR, can directly be uploaded onto the app. You can upload photos on either of the devices – smart phone, tab, PC or laptop. You can see all your photographs arranged by team names.

1.     Open the InstaTeam App
2.     Tap on ‘Social’ Tab

3.     Tap on the ‘+’ icon on top right corner


4.     Select Team
5.     On the ‘Add Media’ page

a.     Mention Event Name
b.     You can choose to share photos with everyone or just team members
c.      Add Photos

You can add captions to each photo.


Because you are! Sharing photos on InstaTeam is a breeze.


Because you would not have it any other way, neither would we. Period.

InstaTeam is a great way to share your team photos. Try it, you’ll love it.



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