Friday, 10 May 2019

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Create an Effective Game Day Roster

InstaTeam helps organize roster for any game in seconds. Our intuitive sports team management application uses event logic, clan stats and more to create effective rosters.


1.     Open InstaTeam App
2.     Tap on ‘Add Team’
3.     Tap on ‘Create Team’
4.     Fill in the relevant details
5.     Tap on ‘Create Team’
6.     Tap on ‘Add Members’
7.     You can choose the type of member like player, parent, organizer etc.

As you keep on adding members, your team roster gets created automatically.


1.     Open InstaTeam App
2.     Tap on the team name
3.     Tap on ‘Team Events’

4.     Tap on ‘+’ to add a new event

5.     Choose ‘Regular Event’

·        Fill in the relevant details, scroll down
·        For the option ‘Selected Members Event’, tap on ‘Select Members’

·        Select the members you wish to join in the particular game

Voila! Your game roster is created.

InstaTeam sports team management app makes organizing game schedules, rosters, communication and administration for any team a breeze.

·        Control who joins the team, and who attends individual events.
·        Set up recurring events for leagues and get micro management of each event individually in seconds.
·        Just one post helps to sync events across all your individual member calendars.
·        Perfect for sports teams, school teams, streaming communities, schools, colleges, casual clans, large organizations, or a hobby groups.



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