Friday, 24 May 2019

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7 InstaTeam Features That Will Come in Real Handy

New to InstaTeam? Here are some fun features in your sports  team management app InstaTeam, that will help smoothen communication, coordination and team management, making your life a whole lot easier.

Happy InstaTeaming!

1.     Member-to-member messaging

 InstaTeam allows member-to-member chat within the app while maintaining privacy. Members of a team can chat on the InstaTeam app even if they do not have each other’s phone number or email.

2.     Payments

Admins/Coaches can create team accounts wherein all payments received are deposited into the Stripe account. Team members can make payments using debit or credit cards.

3.     Live streaming

Never miss a moment even while you are out. Share live game with team members.

4.     Push notifications

Admins/coaches/teachers can send group messages to the entire team or even to multiple teams in just a tap. These messages will be sent as push notifications on team members’ mobile phones and as email messages.

5.     Attendance

Team members can mark their attendance on the app. You can also see who all are coming.

6.     Social sharing

Share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Email, What's app, SMS etc. Everything get stored locally as well.

7.     Delivery status

Admins can check who all have received messages and also, who all have read it.


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