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Workout While You Wait-up

The kind of time commitment that your child’s sport or hobby participation demands can be very pressing. With managing work life, domestic responsibilities and running around to practices and games, you hardly get any to catch a breath, let alone exercising. While you cannot add more hours to your day, you definitely can make the most of the hours you have. Your body needs exercise, and you will have to fit it in your schedule whenever you can.

Here are some workout suggestions that you can do while you wait-up for your child’s soccer practice or piano classes.

1.     Walk – If you are a sports parent and you are waiting at the stadium or ground that has access to open space good for a walk, grab the opportunity. Do brisk walking. If you are walking at a regular pace, you can burn over 400 calories, which is actually a very good use of your free time. You can also do this with someone who is waiting up too, but if the conversation slows you down, try doing it on your own.

2.     If your child is in hobby classes and you do not have access to open field or track, look around for what you can use. If there is space enough for jump rope and stretches, carry along your jump rope and terra band. Look up for exercises that can be done using the jump rope and terra band. Make a schedule, dedicate a day for upper body, a day for lower body, one for core, one for abs and so on. Making a schedule will ensure your full body gets exercise and also your workout does not get monotonous.

3.     Some days you can choose to take it easy, but even on such days you should stand and move back and forth or maybe take walk slowly around. Sitting al lot makes your body use less energy than while standing or moving. Research has shown that long periods of sitting are related to a number of health problems including obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and other conditions that may occur from low metabolism. Slow walk or even a little movement helps keep the body using up energy thus accelerating your metabolism resulting in improved health. Some movement is always better than none.

4.     Always try and wear sports shoes to the practice or classes. It will be relaxing on your feet and will help in exercising. If you are coming from work, carry a pair of shoes in the trunk of your car.

Here are some exercises you can do while sitting:

·        SEATED LEG LIFTS – Sit upright in your chair. Stretch one leg, straighten it and raise it to bring it parallel to the ground. Now bring it down and raise it again. Repeat to the count of 10, then change the leg and do the same.

·        SEATED HIP BRIDGE – Sit upright. Squeeze your glutes together as tight as possible, hold till the count of ten, then release them. Repeat 10-15 times.

·        SHRUG – Move your shoulders as close as you can to your ears, hold for a moment then drop. Repeat 10-15 times. 

·        ANKLE ROTATION – Rotate your ankle clockwise and anti-clockwise.

·        ARM STRECHES – Stretch your right arm towards the left. Hold your right elbow in the crook of your left elbow, stretch and hold it there for 15-20 seconds. Repeat with your next arm.    

Some exercises you can do standing:

·        CALF RAISES – Stand straight. Get on your toes, hold for a moment, come down. Start by doing 20-30 of these and gradually increase the count.

·        WALL SQUATS – Stand with your back kneeling on a wall. Now slowly move forward as you bend your legs from the knee. Bring your thighs parallel to the ground with your knees in 90-degree angle, like in a sitting position without the chair.

·        MARCH IN PLACE – This quick cardio will pump up your heart and get your metabolism also running.

There’s so much more that can be done. Be sure you do consult your physician if you have a medical condition or if you have pains or any other symptoms.


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