Tuesday, 15 January 2019

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Tips On Social Media Profile For Budding Athletes

For college selections coaches scout on social media. Having an athletic profile on social media would definitely help your child get noticed. Once the kid is in junior high, you should create a social media profile for her, typically a FB page with Instagram and Twitter to boost it.

Here are a few tips to help you build a profile that gets noticed and helps get your kid in the right team and of course, the right college.

1.     Make it formal

Remember the social media profile is for colleges and coaches. Never post objectionable stuff. Team fun is good, it might get you a lot of likes and boost your profile, but making fun of someone, publicly condemning a team action, and anything that might seem inappropriate on your college application, would be inappropriate on your athletic profile too.

2.     Be in control of your account

You wouldn’t want your friends to post something embarrassing that is visible publicly. Tweak default settings to control what shows up on your page. Here’s how you can do it – go to Facebook “Settings”, click “Timeline and Tagging”, on the option “Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline?”, click “Enabled”.

3.     Pick your colleges/teams

Make a list of the colleges you are going to target. Follow those colleges/teams. Like their posts. Be there.

4.     Market yourself

Make sure you highlight your achievements. Also highlight your personal examples/stories of great teamwork, leadership and motivation.

5.     Talk team

Don’t let your social media page become a reflection of the narcissist you. Talk about the team, with your achievements being highlighted. Be humble and thank your coach and the team every time you achieve something exceptional. Arrogance will not really get you a place in the team.

6.     Post self-goals

Make personal goals for sport-specific skills. For instance, if you are playing football, running can be an essential skill. Time your running. Make a goal that betters it. Work towards that goal and post when you achieve it. Get it timed by your coach or someone professional. This works both ways. While you better your skills, you also show that you are focused and hard-working.

7.     References

Try and get connected to people who can be an asset to the profile. Also, have references on your page. Adds credibility.

8.     Be consistent and frequent.



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