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New Year Resolutions for Young Athletes

Holidays are over. New year’s party planning is in full swing. Once 2019 arrives, there’ll be yet another clean slate, a new page in the book of life. And if you’ve been having thoughts of how to begin writing on the new page, here’s a little help in getting you started.

Make a goal

Personal –
·        I will try and listen more. Most of the time elders speak out of experience, friends speak out of concern and coach speaks out of authority. I will not just hear them out but listen to them, try and understand their point of view, it could help me get a new perspective on things. I will listen more.
·        I will judge less. Before I express an opinion, before I pass a comment, before I name names, before I brand people, I will acknowledge the fact that it’s their way of being, I don’t necessarily have to act on it. Passing judgement, more or less, comes as a consequence of my insecurities. I will address my insecurities rather than judging others for theirs.
·        I will consciously practice empathy. People can sometimes be in a tight spot, a tough situation, a detrimental environment, bad influence or plain helpless. I will try and see things from their perspective as well, before I plain downright discard their viewpoint.
·        Respect. I will respect people, feelings, animals, environment and nature.
·        Acknowledge. I will acknowledge rules, responsibilities, my blessings.
·        I will strive to be happier, each day.

Athletic –

·        I will set game goals. I’ll identify the area I need to work upon. I will discuss this with my coach. I will set small goals and work towards them. I will make such a list and keep a ticking what I have achieved.
·        I will keep a positive approach towards sports. I will be conscious of the fact that playing sports is not all about winning. I will write every lesson I learn from every time I lose.
·        I will not bully, physically, mentally or emotionally. I will rather spend that time on improving myself as a person or athlete.
·        I will eat healthy. I will limit my intake of soda, unhealthy food. I will make my diet chart with my mother’s and coach’s help. I will eat my cheat meal once a week only when I’ve earned it.
·        I will drink plenty of water. I will keep track of my water intake during the day.
·        I will not miss my sports practice. Period.
·        I will work on being a better teammate at what I am now.
·        If I am stressed about something or something seems to be bothering me, I will discuss it with some elder I can trust, either an elder sibling, parent or my coach.
·        I will strive to be a better athlete.



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