Wednesday, 12 December 2018

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Cool Things to Do This Christmas

So, you’ve met the family, there isn’t really a lot you are doing about the food (other than just gobbling it, a lot of it), decorations done, still looking for something fun to do? Here’s a list of fun activities you must try during Holidays, especially around Christmas.

Get a selfie with Santa

Maybe you’ve done it all your life, every single year, but you really can never be done. Just go out in the street, a mall, meet Santa and get a nice Selfie. If not anything else, it will add a great post to your InstaGram.

Create a handmade gift for someone you love

Christmas gifts are special, and especially if it’s a handmade gift, nothing compares to it. Do you want to make a soap, or a wreath or a box decorated with wild flowers? Just put your creativity hat on, the possibilities are endless.

Spend some me time

Get cozy on your recliner, watch a Christmas classic while sipping hot chocolate.

Make somebody’s Christmas special

Find someone. A homeless person, the lonely old lady in your neighborhood, your own old nana, some terminally ill stranger, anyone. Meet them, spend some time with them, or give them something they need, or think of something that will bring a smile to their face.

Make a big snowman with neighborhood kids

Call the kids out. Make a really big snowman, you’d be surprised how much you’d like to do it.

Go Christmas caroling

Gather some kids from the neighborhoodand go about singing Christmas carols. It’ll spread cheer and then you’ll also make a buck or two.

Bake Christmas cookies
Take help if you need, but baking Christmas cookies is one of the best ways to spend Christmas.

Do a random act of kindness

Does anyone in the neighborhood need help? Do you see a house without lights or decoration? Do you see snow piled up in the old man’s yard? Look around. There’ll always be someone who could use your help.

Play in the snow

You can be never too old for this. Have snowball fights or make snow angels. Just loosen up and play some silly snow games.

See the Holiday spirit

Take a stroll around the neighborhood to see the neighborhood lights and the festivities around.



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