Thursday, 1 November 2018

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Youth Sports: It’s the Journey That Matters

Participating in youth sports is a great way of growing up. Each child should experience the joy and learning of sports at least once in life. The skill, confidence, discipline, nuances of co-existence and cooperation and all the virtues that the kid learns along with the physical exercise and healthy growth, all of this changes the child for life.

If your child is starting her journey in youth sports, congratulations to you; this will mark a very important milestone in your kid’s life. Here are a few pointers that will help you make the sports experience more enriching for the kid.

·        Look for a coach who is more concerned with the learning part of it, aka right technique (of the game) and the right values, more that the winning part of it (like win at any cost). The game does come first, so of course a coach needs to be proficient with the game, but alongside the coach, especially for youth sports, should be like a mentor or guardian on the field. Ask yourself – “Is he the kind of person who will teach my child essential life skills, character traits and values that the sports participation would provide exposure to?”.  In all, your coach should value ethics more than athleticism.

·        Don’t choose a club that downright values sports glory more than sports spirit. Most clubs stay so focused on winning and glory that kids do not learn the art of graceful losing. This encourages negative aggression, which harms he child’s psychology, character and also the game itself.

·        Tell your child about the objectives and learning that you expect out of sports program. Tell your child how becoming a good person scores over winning each time, and how leaning certain character traits scores over the game skill. Tell your child how intangibles matter, values matter. If they can be better people, they can be better athletes as well, and not necessary vice versa.

·        Discourage your child to be aggressive or a bully, but at the same time, teach her to stand up for herself or against any wrong. Give her the confidence to share with you if there’s something unpleasant or something that upsets her.

·        Educate your child about good and bad touch.



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