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Thanksgiving Food: Dos & Don’ts for Young Athletes

Time of the year again. Food, scrumptious food, sinful food, and more food. But if your child is an active participant in sports, you know how much important balanced nutrition diet for your child can be and you cannot take chances. Undoing the damage of an imbalanced diet is definitely going to be more time and energy consuming than keeping a check.

To begin with keep a check on fat consumption. It’s natural to crave for Holiday food, just have enough to satiate your craving. Keep the portions in check, especially with desserts. Make sure you include greens, vegetables and fruits. Lean meat is also a good option. Including eggs alongside a whole wheat or multi-grain bread toast is a good idea. You can relish your pumpkin pies and stuffing, but eat in moderation.

After eating, it is important to burn the fat you’ve consumed. After dinner go for a stroll or an easy ball game. Make sure you include an exercise regime every day. An early morning workout can be very beneficial, especially before and after the day of Thanksgiving.

If your family is travelling on Thanksgiving, or you have elaborate plans with family coming over, workout regime and control on diet can become challenging. In many cities, Thanksgiving morning walks/runs are organized for people. This can be a fun way of keeping check on health. Find out if something like that is organized in your city too. You can encourage the whole family to be a part of it. It would be a good bonding activity for the whole family; the festivities can start early. If there is no Thanksgiving walk in your city, create a fun activity for everyone to do. Organize a family game, or a little neighborhood marathon, or maybe an outdoor Yoga session. Everybody could use a workout with all that food extravaganza that comes with holidays.

Last, and one of the most important things to keep in mind, stay hydrated. Drink liquids, lots of them. Water is the best way to stay hydrated, but if you have to take, prefer taking beverages without added sugar. Prefer natural sugars instead as in fruit juices (without added sugar) or fruit punches.

The most important thing for Thanksgiving is to stay happy. Both body and mind should be rejuvenated during holidays, such that the coming season can have a great start. Stay happy and stay healthy.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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