Thursday, 4 October 2018

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Youth Sports – Some Interesting Facts & Figures

Here are some interesting finds about youth sports. Some of them, really inspiring (for you too parents!).

1.     One of the major reasons for motivation of kids is being with their friends. According to a survey by USA Today, sixty-five percent kids in America participate in one sport or the other just to be with their friends.

2.     Apart from sport-skills, kids learn character building traits from sports. according to a study by Sports Illustrated, sixty-seven percent children learn to be a good team player, while around forty-two percent became more disciplined.

3.     Parents and pressure take the fun away from sports. As per USA Today, thirty-seven percent kids said they would be more comfortable if their parents didn’t watch them play.

4.     Don’t burden your child with the pressure of getting a sports career or going pro. As per USA Today’s findings, only 1 in 6,000 high school football players goes pro, whereas in baseball the chances are 1 in 4,000 and in basketball the chances are 1 in 10,000 kids.

5.     Adults are more worried about their child’s sports performance than the child herself. As per USA Today’s study, seventy-one percent kids would not care if there was no score kept for the games they played.

6.     Parents might want to be sure of the child’s interest and aptitude before they over invest both time and money. Most kids quit youth sports by the age of 13.

7.     One of the major reasons why kids quit youth sports is that they do not enjoy it any longer. According to a survey by ESPN, around thirty-six percent girls and thirty-nine percent boys quit sports because they are not having fun.



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