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Youth Sports and Asthma

Studies have proved that participation in sports for asthmatic kids is helpful in improving cardio-pulmonary fitness, which helps the child overcome the condition. Sports participation also ensures the child stays physically fit, as obesity can worsen the condition.

However, if you are considering sports participation for your child, you must establish the following:

1.     Take doctor’s advice – Before you get into any sort of physical program, it is essential that you get the child thoroughly examined by a pulmonologist. The pulmonologist may get certain tests done such as the PFT (Pulmonology Function Test) along with a clinical checkup to see if the child is fit for physical activity. In some cases, the condition becomes acute and physical exertion may not be recommended. Do make sure you get a go from your doctor before you enroll your child into any kind of physical exercise.

2.     While you are at the doctor’s, you should also take a detailed plan with regards to constant monitoring of the child’s condition. Understand what are red flag situations, how to adjust medication if needed, how to handle emergencies, and establish the required frequency of visitation. Initially the doctor might ask for more frequent visits, and then, depending on the child’s comfort level, may reduce the frequency.

3.     Notify the coach – You must, without fail, always notify the coach about the child’s condition. You should also share the doctor’s prescription with your child. the coach would know the level of exertion okay for the child, and would also know how to handle emergency if need arises. The coach should also know what triggers an attack.

4.     Keep the inhalers handy at all times. Keep one in her school bag, one in her gym bag, one in your hand bag, one in the car, one at home. in case of an emergency, you should be able to reach the inhaler without any difficulty.

Famous Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner Kersee, who won several medals at Olympics, successfully managed her asthma to become one of the best athletes in the world. You need to work closely with your doctor and coach.


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