Friday, 5 October 2018

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Senses Beyond the Basic 5 That Help You in Sports

Humans have more than five senses. Actually, way more than the basic five. There are over twenty senses, and scientists are estimating there might be over 30 senses in all.

Here’s a list of senses we’ve not commonly heard of:


Proprioception refers to body’s sense of being aware of itself. It is the way muscles unconsciously react with the parts of the body. For instance, we can eat popcorn in dark with our hands unconsciously reaching our mouth, or how we can type without looking at the keyboard. Proprioception can be bettered with practice. Since proprioception is the ability of the body to determine where all body parts are positioned at a given time, it is a very important sense for athletes. This is the very sense that enables the runner to run without watching feet, or take a baseball shot without looking at the bat.


Equilibrioception is the sense of balance. We all lose this sense with realizing it. At a given point of time, different body parts work together to maintain balance. Self-control and balance have a very important role to play in any sport. Athletes train themselves to sharpen this sense.


Nociception is the body’s ability to sense pain. Athletes often overuse their bodies, especially when they are training. nociception helps them sense when to stop.


Kinesthesia is the sense of movement. It is the sense by which by which mind perceives weight, position and movement. It is the sense that enables the body to detect changes in position or movementwith relying on the five senses. Any physical movement such as walking, dancing, running etc. involves Kinesthesia.


This is the sense that helps us know temperature of the surroundings. For instance, if you are blind folded and there’s fire near you, your body will start feeling hot and raise an alarm.


This helps our bodies sense magnetic fields. This helps us get a sense of direction. Although this sense is not very advanced in humans as it is in birds. Many experiments have been conducted to understand the mechanism of magnetoreception in humans, but no conclusive result has been derived.


This is the sense of time. For instance, how we wake up just before the alarm clock, or right on time.


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