Friday, 28 September 2018

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Yoga for Young Athletes – An Essential Mind, Body and Soul Exercise

Recurrent injuries. Cut throat competition. Undue stress. Performance anxiety. Young athletes need something that relaxes and strengthens their body and mind. Yoga helps strengthen the mind and body connection, relaxes and rejuvenates both the body and mind.

·        Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is therapeutic. Yoga helps focus on breathing, the balanced postures help improve the flow of lymphatic system which helps fight infection and releases toxins from the body. It helps boost immunity.

·        Yoga helps strengthen the body with flexibility, focus and coordination. It helps heal and strengthen the muscles of the whole body, it helps work on mechanics. It helps increase the range of motion and increases flexibility. It also helps the body recover from strenuous workouts and play schedules, relaxes the body.

·        Yoga helps release stress. It has been proved scientifically that yoga helps lower heart rates, reduce blood pressure and reduces the production of stress hormones. More so, yoga helps bring in tranquility and peace, both with the body and mind, which is an absolute must for young athletes. It is a great exercise for mindfulness.

·        Yoga helps with physical mental and emotional wellbeing. Yoga helps balance the nervous system and stimulates the release of happy hormones, endorphins. Kids who practice yoga are have better self-control and are confident. They perform better in sports and academics, and are generally at peace with themselves.

There are a lot more benefits of yoga, especially for kids. When children learn to be clam, and aware of their inner capabilities, they gain the strength to recover from everyday injuries and stress on their own. they are less prone to anxiety and depression. Kids who learn yoga lead a joyful and optimistic life.

Children in the digital age have very stressful lives. We as parents can provide them a peaceful, creative environment that helps them unwind and discover. Yoga will help our child in ways beyond your imagination.


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