Thursday, 27 September 2018

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The Wolf You Feed

Once upon a time, an old man said to his grandson, “Son, there are two wolves inside of me. One wolf is good, loving and altruistic, generous and kind, and the other wolf is bad, mean and greedy, violent and angry. Both the wolves are in a constant fight within me.” The grandson, with wide eyes, asked, “But which one will win, grandpa?” The old man held the child’s hands and softly replied, “The one which I feed.”

An age-old fable, but still, never fails to inspire whenever you listen to it.

There are so many challenges parents face while bringing their children up, but if someone were to sum-up the challenges, the problems, the complications that parents face with their children, it would all boil down to the two wolves. The good wolf inspires the kids to have an optimistic mindset, and the bad wolf hauls them into a self-detrimental pessimism.

There’s something we need to understand about our children – kids are vulnerable with their emotions, they don’t really know how to react, and so are constantly looking for clues in their immediate environment. We, as influencers, are passing on the traits to our kids, both actively and passively. We want our kids to become positive, progressive, kind and compassionate, but do we model the behavior ourselves? Not the kind of behavior we ‘put up’, but the kind of behavior that is our ‘natural instinct’.

While we struggle in our lives with money matters, relationships, personal issues, professional issues, and more, we unfortunately pass on a paradigm that has regression, resistance, anger, fear and hostility. And we get frustrated when our kids reflect the same, in their tiny world with tiny problems.

It’s a grave problem with a rather simple solution. We need to be the change we want to see in our kids.

Children are too susceptible to be able to have that kind of emotional control. We set the track for them. We feed their wolves.

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