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Sports Parenting – Role of The Jugglers

Youth sports is tough. Parents know it. They see their little ones sweat it out on the field. They see their kids go through the mental and emotional pressure of being in competitive sports while trying to keep up with school.

Similarly, sports parenting is tough too. Parents have to be jugglers, and fine ones at that, maintaining a delicate balance between work, home, kids’ activities and personal life. That said, parents do not get to take any of these roles for granted on the pretext of multitasking. On the contrary, your commitment to each of these roles becomes pivotal, each small detail of it does.

Okay, so you’ve adjusted your work schedule to be at the game, you are driving your kid, sports gear - check, parent gear - check, everything taken care of, you’re good to go. Having taken care of these details, do you become the ideal sports parent? Maybe. Maybe not. Well, here’s a list of some finer points that will go in a long way to make your child’s sports experience successful, and your job as a sports parent, fulfilling.

More than logistical support, your child will need mental and emotional support. You might have to play the role of a friend sometimes, a life coach sometimes, a counselor sometimes and a fan, most of the times.

·        You need to pragmatically review your expectations vis a vie your child’s capability. An over expectation or underestimation, both can be derogatory for the child’s sports career.

·        Trust. Your child. The coach. The game plan.

·        Let your kid enjoy the game. It’s their experience, not yours.

·        Let the coach, coach. Do not meddle with technique or strategy of the game. As a parent best you can do is support.

·        Encourage your child to participate. Do not participate on her behalf. You need to encourage your child to mingle with the team, have frank conversations with the coach.

·        Never bad-mouth the coach, strategy or any game related topic in front of your child. Never.

Take this sports exposure as an opportunity to learn, both sports skills and life lessons. With this mobile-screen-glued generation, see it as a gift that you kids is playing in natural air, is sweating it out, living a real life and not a virtual one. With regards to sports career, just do the right things in right proportion, and rest que sara sara.

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