Friday, 30 June 2017

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Tips for Parents to Handle Unruly Kids

Kids these days are so stressed and strained that they generally take to extreme behaviors, like aggression. Sports kids have that added pressure that can push them to the edge.

For parents, handling such kids is a big challenge. Although, there can no one-medicine that can cure this menace because different kids need to be handled differently, but here are a few general tips that can come in handy for parents to help them tackle unruly kids.

·        Do not try to control your child’s behavior or reaction. Control yours. You want the child to behave herself but you are the one who’s raising their voice, it will never work. Not for you, not for your child.

·        If you keep a calm and cool tone while arguing with your child, chances are the child will mellow down too. If you talk loud, the kid will talk louder to match it, or worse, will just walk away. End of discussion. But if you reason it out, hear the kid out, there is a fair chance either of you will agree, which is the best outcome that can be, for the family.

·        The minute you point a finger at your kid, she becomes defensive. The whole game changes. It becomes power struggle. Forget who’s leading. Keep your focus on the discussion, the motive why you are having this discussion in the first place. For instance, if your 14-year-old wants to go for a party, and you are not sure about sending her for you think there might be alcohol, keep your focus on your concern. Do not drag the discussion to studies and friends and college and everything else.

·        There are chances that you might be over reacting because of stress, chronic anxiety or sickness. Give that discount to your child also. Kids have their own pressures and tensions, which in their world are huge. So, if you think the child is over-reacting, think about what might be causing it.

·        Hear your child out. Listening is the best communication. It will also help build a positive connection between you and your child.

·        Think of your kid as a person, and not as an extension of you. The kid may not necessarily have the same personality traits, likes and dislikes as you. Accept it. And stop expecting the kid to become like you.



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