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Types of Bullying Your Child is Exposed To

Bullying is unfortunately the essential element of kids’ lives and there isn’t much we can do to avoid it. With increased exposure and redefined dimensions of friendship amongst kids, bullying has acquired many forms. To be able to make your child stronger and well-equipped to deal with bullying, you need to know the different forms of bullying that your kid is exposed to.

Verbal Bullying

In this form of bullying, although the kid being bullied is not physically hurt, but verbal bullying can cause serious mental and emotional damage that can cause life-long personality defects.

Verbal bullying includes use of cruel language, calling names, verbal threatening, intolerant comments about one’s physical appearance, religion, disability, family attributes, etc.

If your child is confident and positive, teasing or verbal bullying will not affect her much. Be there to talk to the kid when you see her mood swings, or see her tensed for a continued period of time. If she confesses of being a victim, talk her out of it, counsel her. Do not intervene directly until it’s very serious and absolutely necessary to do so. Give your kid the wisdom, serenity and strength to deal with verbal bullying herself. This will be a great life lesson that will come in handy throughout her life.

Physical Bullying

This form of bullying involves physical hurt or intimidation. This can include various forms of physical abuse like hitting, pushing, physical torture or inappropriate touch. Physical bullying can be pretty traumatic for the child and in many instances kids do not tell their parents. Do look for signs of physical hurt, injury or molestation marks.

If you do find signs of physical bullying, do not get emotional and take matters in your own hand. Involve the right authorities like school teacher or sports club coach and manager.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is getting a bigger threat by the day. Children are vulnerable to false rumors, tainted images, hostile remarks, mean comments spread across social media groups or cyber stalking. You need establish safe-technology usage rules for your kids. Establish age-appropriate on-line time limits. Tell your kids about cyberbullying so that they are aware and alert. Also, tell your kids to approach you if they become victims of cyberbullying.


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