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How To Pick Up The Perfect Athletic Shoe for Your Child

For athletes, the shoe is as important as the game. Getting the right shoes will not only give comfort to the child’s feet, but will also help in the game. Although the coach will keep the parents informed about the right gear required for the sport you child is in, here are a few general tips to help you find the perfect pair of shoes for enhancing the comfort and skill of your child.

  • Always buy the right size. For growing kids parents tend to buy a size bigger, because kids would soon outgrow the shoes, but it can come in the way of your child’s sports performance. And if the shoe becomes tight, immediately change it for the appropriate size. Wearing a tight shoe can cause blisters, calluses and other foot problems.
  • Along with size, width matters too. There are shoes with different widths available. Match you foot width to the shoe width. A narrow shoe for wide feet is a complete mismatch and you can have foot problems like sore feet, calluses etc. and vice versa. In short, shoe width is as important as the shoe length.
  • Apart from the shoes recommended for your sport, the type of shoes you should wear also depends on your biomechanics. Most people have conditions like high arch, flat foot, pronation etc. These conditions do not cause much of a problem, especially at a young age, but is not cured, they can escalate into severe leg, knee and even back pain in the later stages. These conditions can be corrected with the right shoes. For instance, for pronate feet, depending upon the kind of pronation, insoles are provided to be worn inside the shoe. The insoles can help providing the right inclination to feet, helping get the right posture and the right grip.
  • Don’t be obsessed with ‘brands’, focus on the child’s comfort. Although buying a good brand ensures good cushioning and high performance, but if it doesn’t work for your child, move on.

  • Do consult the coach before you buy shoes. And for the type of shoe the coach suggests, take advise from the specialists in sports stores. It will help understand the exact fit for your child’s feet. Remember, one size does not fit all.

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