Wednesday, 22 March 2017

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Spring Sports for Young Athletes

Spring’s here. The perfect time to come out into the bright, pleasant day and enjoy a sport. If you are a parent, teacher or a coach, who’s trying to initiate little kids into youth sports, this is the perfect time. Bring them out from the classrooms or houses and make them play these sports that are most popular during spring.

  • Baseball/Softball – Since baseball and softball are so popular with American kids, it would be a great idea to get kids initiated with these sports. Or you could start training kids with tee ball and let them get familiarized with the rules, work on the co-ordination and balance.
  • Football – This might not be amongst the preferred career sport for American kids, but it certainly is a great game for kids who love to be on their feet. A friendly football game can also be a great team activity for the class.
  • Treasure hunting – Define a small area, in a park or a natural setting, ensure its child safe, and let kids run hunting for clues. A great exercise for mind and body both.
  • Fun sports – Organize fun races like the three-legged race or sack-race or egg-and-spoon race. Kids will have fun and will also learn that outdoors can be more engaging and interesting than being glued to the screen indoors.
  • Swimming – Think summer’s a great time for being by the pool? Try spring splish-splash. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Trekking – Since the winter chill is gone and the sun’s not all that hot, trekking would be a great way to bring kids close to nature.
  • Tennis – Although this would not be for pre-schoolers, tennis can be a great game for elementary school kids. Tennis teaches agility and precision.
  • Golf – What’s better than a beautiful day spent golfing in the open greens. Kids will love the experience and could be a good start to a great hobby or career.

Before you actually enroll your kid into a youth sports program, you can get your kid initiated at the YMCA if you already have a membership. You can also enquire about YMCA corporate memberships.


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