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Social Media Guidelines for Parents

There are social media guidelines for students. There should be a similar protocol for parents who use the social media platform for voicing their grievances against the coach or school. Parent’s post negative reviews, criticism and reckless comments that go viral.

Not that parents shouldn’t criticize. Parents are actually the PAYERS and it’s just natural that they be the beneficiaries of the service, even if it’s through their kids. But there are grave repercussions with this kind of disposition. Coaches lose jobs, athletic clubs lose reputation, teams lose morale. Criticism is important, but there’s a way to do it. These are delicate matters, our kids’ future depends on them, and we need to handle it rather sensitively.

Here are a few guidelines for parents to follow on social media with regards to posts regarding the child and her coaches and teachers.

  • If you have a concern, arrange a meeting with the coach and speak your mind. If you still feel the coach hasn’t really addressed your concern, it would be a good idea to escalate the matter to the athletic director.

  • Do not react immediately online. Wait for at least 24 hours after the trigger or occurrence of the incidence before you write your post on social media.

  • Get the purpose of the post clear. Do you wish the higher authorities to take notice? In that case, is there another way that can draw their attention? Do you wish to humiliate the coach? In this case, a social media post would not be that great an idea. For all you know, your child might be more embarrassed than the coach, and that is not your intent. Do you wish to inform other parents? In this case, consider if it would be a better idea to meet up with other parents, discuss and find a way to handle the situation.

  • Mind your language on social media. Loose language on social media can go viral for wrong reasons drawing negative attention towards your child.

  • Follow the escalation matrix even online.

  • Talk about the merits of your team, refrain from negative commenting even if it is for the rival team. Especially refrain from personal or negative comments on a child.


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