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Help your kids take up these new year resolutions

Telling your kids about new year resolutions can be a great way to teach them how to make a fresh start in life, taking lessons from the past and resolving changes for a better, healthier and happier life. However, if your kids are too small to think up of their own new-year-resolutions, here are a few cues to get them started.

New year resolutions for toddlers:

  • I will keep my toys and things where they belong after I have finished playing or doing stuff.

  • I will greet elders when I meet them.

  • I will be kind to all animals.

  • I will be nice to other kids.

  • I will wash my hands after playing outdoors and every time before eating.

New year resolutions for kids and tweens:

  • I will clean up after my play or work.

  • I will brush my teeth twice a day without fail.

  • I will not bully or get bullied. I will tell an adult I trust if such a situation arises.

  • I will stick to healthier food options that include eating fruits and veggies. Soda, junk food, sugary drinks and sweets will be reserved for special days like parties or get-togethers.

  • I will develop a hobby if I already don’t have one, and dedicate some time at least once every week.

  • I will limit my TV, tab, mobile and video game time to as advised by my parents.

  • I will spend more time playing outdoors.

  • I will not give out my personal information like name, address phone number or photo on chat or personally, unless I have consulted my parents about it.

  • I will follow safety rules like putting on helmet while riding a bike or wearing a seat belt in a car.

  • I will be kind and considerate to children with special needs.

  • I will talk to an adult I trust if anything is bothering me, anything at all.

To healthy and happy beginnings. Have a great 2017.



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