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Essential New Year Resolutions for Sports Parents

If you are a sports parent, your schedule, your routine, even your life to a large extent revolves around your child’s sports calendar. And if by any chance there’s more than just one sports kid in the family, it just gets crazier. With so much of involvement, it is only natural that parents tend to get obsessed with kids’ sports career. But clearly parents over involvement of parents in the kids’ sports activities does them more harm than good. Here are a few new year resolutions for sports parents to help start the new year on the right note and have a great sports year.
  • I will tell my child to play, not compete, just play and have lots of fun out there playing.

  • I will make sure I give love and support instead of last-minute coaching tips just before the game begins.

  • I will support my child’s team even if they are losing.

  • I will not whine about the game, coach, school or team in front of my child.

  • I will not force my dream on my child. I will give her the liberty to pursue whatever she wants even if it’s not sports.

  • I will not interfere in my child’s game when she is playing with her friends in the backyard.

  • I will not analyze the game, the mistakes they made, things they could have done right etc. after the game’s over. If my child does not want to talk about the game, I will not talk about it.

  • I will let my kid have a life outside of sports too. I will let her miss a practice once a while just to have her catchup with her friends or attend a birthday party.

  • I will ensure I give her game-free weekends to just relax or have fun.

  • I will give her love and affection after every game irrespective of if she’s won or lost.

Wishing you and your little athlete a very happy new year full of beautiful moments to cherish.



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