Tuesday, 13 December 2016

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The Secret of Instilling Discipline in Your Child

Youth sports is more than just the game. The ancillary benefits attached to youth sports training are as important as learning the game skill if not more. Budding athletes learn life skills like discipline, teamwork, confidence, ability to control emotions and perform, aspiration, hard work and so much more.

Furthermore, parents need to need to inculcate certain method and finesse in their parenting style to ensure the skills learned in sports are put to good use and kids are being well nurtured to become confident and happy individuals. Here are a few essential things parents need to know to raise great children.

  • Children need love and acceptance to feel secure. Accept your child for the beautiful package she is, and she will learn to accept the skills and values you want to instill in her. Rejection will only instigate rejection. 

  • Children are learning to navigate in life and are bound to make mistakes. Some mistakes you might be willing to overlook, some you might accept and some you would definitely want to correct. You will have to make your choice. If you try and correct everything, it won’t work. Rather, it will bring out the rebel in her. Also, while you choose to be lenient with some mistakes, you need to be clear about what’s unacceptable. Not loud, just clear.

  • There’s a very fine line between disciplining your child and punishing her. Punishing would mean penalizing but discipline would mean telling the child where she was wrong, why is it not acceptable and how she can correct it. This might involve still punishing the child because going too soft on it will not tell the child the severity of the situation, but it always has to be accompanied by the talk or counselling, however you would want to put it.

  • Do not deprive your child but do set limits. Limits will ensure the child values and is thankful for what she gets. Children cannot distinguish between needs, wants and desires. For them everything they wish is an essential need. You need to explain the difference. Attach nonessential gifts to rewards for achievements. 

  • Set a good example for your kids. They are taking cues to their lives from your behavior and actions. If you want them to respect you, respect them. you want them to be honest, don’t cheat in front of them, even if it results a professional or personal loss. Control your anger and anxiety if you want them to learn to manage their emotions.

Setting in a good start will make them self-disciplined, responsible and happy individuals, the ultimate wish of a parent.



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