Tuesday, 13 December 2016

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The Secret of Healthy Children

Is there a child you know of who rarely falls sick, who has never missed a game practice or school on account of being unwell? Is there something that the healthy child’s parents know that you don’t? Perhaps the answer is no. Health is not just about good food, but it is the complete lifestyle. Here are some healthy habits that will make your life so much easier by helping your kids gain overall health and avoid illness.

  • Every morning, serve your child with a wholesome, hearty breakfast. Encourage your child to eat fruits, cereal, eggs, milk, juices, and these sort of things every morning. A good healthy breakfast is the primary key to a fit and fine body.

  • Keep the meal time fixed and try to adhere to the timing as much as you can. With kids being so busy, it becomes difficult at times to stick to timing but try and adjust some activity earlier or later. 

  • While you are going to follow a fixed time for food, set a time for sleep as well. While sleeping, body performs many important functions such as repackaging neurotransmitters and chemicals that cleanse and refresh the body and mind of disease-causing toxins. A good night’s sleep helps prevent obesity, diabetes, cold, learning and attention issues and helps kids perform better in school. 

  • Let your kids have their play time. This does not refer to youth sports games, but friendly games that children play for fun. This is a great stress buster for kids. Plus, the social interaction that kids get out of playing with friends is very healthy for their mind. Children learn to solve their problems, how to behave in public, how to deal with people and become independent and confident.

  • Restrict TV, videogames, tabs and computer time for your child. Children who have access to TV, computers etc. become loners, are exposed to several health problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc.

  • ‘Sharing’ is a great habit to inculcate in kids. While you teach your child to share, you also need to tell your child about things she shouldn’t share like handkerchief, toothbrush, comb, under garments etc.



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