Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2016 with 6 comments

Celebrating Christmas with Your Team

Christmas is a time of joy, togetherness, sharing and caring, exactly the kind of things you, as a coach or parent, would want your youth sports team to share.

Here are some fun bonding things you can do to bring the spirit of Christmas in your team too.
  • Christmas photo shoot 
    Plan it as a surprise. Call the team for practice, and when everyone arrives, tell them it’s a Christmas photoshoot. Bring in Christmas pros like Santa beard, Santa cap, reindeer horns and so on. Post the pics on social media. Combining it with a surprise Christmas party would be even more awesome. 

  • Joy of giving
    The true spirit of Christmas is in sharing. Ask the team to organize a sharing camp. Ask the team to plan and execute the event. It will be a great team bonding exercise too.

  • Christmas game
    Arrange to play a friendly neighborhood Christmas game with your rival team. After the game have a friendly lunch.

  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa is not new, but works every time. Ask team members to secretly get gifts for the team mate whose name appeared on the chit they picked up.

  • Christmas picnic
    Take the team out for a Christmas picnic. It could be an adventure trip like hiking or biking, or it could be a typical picnic, Frisbee by the late types. Arrange little picnic packs for each player which would have some eatables and a little surprise activity that they have to do.

While you think, talk and walk the game practically every day, a Christmas celebration could be a refreshing change and a good team bonding exercise. Wishing you and your team a Merry Christmas. May you have a great season.



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