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Basic Must-Know First Aid for Parents

If you are a parent reading this, here is some very important information you need know and learn it by heart, especially if your kid is in youth sports. If you are a coach reading this, you might want to forward the article to all parents of your players.

Small cut or scrape

If the cut is bleeding, press hard to stop the bleeding. The timing will depend on how deep the cut is. For a small cut the bleeding should stop in 2-3 minutes. When the bleeding stops, gently clean the bruise with cotton or clean cloth dipped in lukewarm water. Apply an over-the-counter antibiotic like Bacitracin, Neosporin, Polymyxin B or Neomycin. In most cases the wound should be fine but if the bleeding still continues, contact the doctor or rush to an ER. Do the cleaning and dressing for the wound till it is healed. After it has healed, keep the affected area well moisturized, preferably with coconut or olive oil, and the marks will disappear.

Bleeding nose

A bleeding nose can create quiet a havoc amongst kids. Calm the kid and make him sit upright. Do not make the kid lean backwards. Pinch the nostrils together firmly. Stay for 5-7 minutes in that position. Do not check for bleeding in between, this can make the bleeding last longer. Applying ice patch on the sides of the nose’s bridge can also help. If the bleeding still does not stop, rush to an ER or call 911.


When someone is chocking, make the person lean forward and slap on their back. Give 4-5 blows on the back and then stomach thrusts such that the object choking the person come out.

To give stomach thrusts make a fist, position the fist with thumbs pointing towards the stomach and place it just above the choking person’s belly button, and push. Do this exercise 2-3 times. If the person still doesn’t feel better, rush to an ER or call 911.


In case of burn immediately place the affected area under cool running water. Let it be under water or under wet towels till cold subsides. When the pain gets better, gently apply an antibiotic cream on the affected area. If the burn is in a sensitive place like eyes, face, genitals or the burn is bigger than about an inch, immediately rush to an ER. If the burnt area is close to 1/10th of the body, do not place wet towels or do cold compressions. Call 911 and cover the patient with clean sheet till help arrives.

While healing, burnt skin can be irritating and scratchy. Do not scratch. Simply apply antibiotic cream. If there is any swelling, redness or some kind of discharge, show to a doctor immediately. It can be an infection and needs to be treated immediately.

Glass shreds or splinters

Make the injured person sit. Pull out the splinter only if it can be pulled out easily otherwise seek medic help immediately. If the splinter is removed, clean the affected area with an antiseptic cleaner and apply antibiotic cream. If the splinter was a metal, go to a doctor as antiseptic injection may be required. If you have not been able to remove the splinter completely, rush to an ER, where the doctors will do it safely. A scan can help see if the splinter is out or not.

Eye trauma

If the kids got hit on the eye, keep a wet towel. If the pain does not subside in some time, or there’s blurry vision or swelling and redness, call 911 immediately or rush to an ER. In case some chemical has entered the eye, splash water in the eye. Call 911 and place wet towels till help arrives.

Sprained ankle
When a kid gets an ankle sprained, immediately get the kid off the field. Apply ice pack over the affected are to control swelling. Do not overdo cold compression as there can be tissue damage because of excess cold. Spray with a muscle relaxant and wrap the ankle in sports bandage for support and comfort. Do not allow the kid to get back on field till the injury has healed completely.

In case the sprain is severe, make the kid lie down. Place some support beneath the kid’s injured leg such that the leg is slightly higher than the head. Call 911 or rush to an ER, meanwhile apply ice pack on the affected area till medical help arrives.



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  3. Yes it is important to know for first Aid. Because there can happen anything at any time.

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