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What Coaches (Don’t) Want

If only we could read the coach’s mind!

There’s a long list of things, that a coach wants from the players. Obvious ones include dedication, focus, hard work, team spirit, discipline, punctuality and the list goes on. On similar lines there’s another list, a list that’s not as widely discussed, list of things that the coach doesn’t want players to do. And yes, that list is as important as the to-do list, if not more. Here’s the brief list of things that any coach would want the players to refrain from.

  • Playing the blame game: If there was a slip-up, there was, the coach would understand. But what really bothering for a coach is when players try and blame something or someone for it. It’s not just lame but also scary as it may turn into a habit, which then further becomes the personality.

  • Bullying: Bullying demoralizes kids, takes away their confidence, spreads insecurity and hatred in the team. Being bullied is also as bad as bullying itself. If your child is bullying and you’ve come to know of it, it is important for you to understand that bullying is the child’s way of taking out his own problems on someone vulnerable or his outburst of stress. There’s something bothering the child who’s bullying, you need to tackle the problem before it grows beyond control. And if your child is getting bullied, it is perhaps the best time to teach your kid to stand up for himself. 

  • Taking rash: Teach your child to never talk disrespectfully, not to fellow team-mates, not to other kids and teachers and never to the coach. For someone who is teaching you not just a game but also life skills, the coach does deserve to be spoken to respectfully.

  • Quitting: Quitting or giving-up is unacceptable for any coach. A coach works hard on instilling confidence, motivation and courage to keep going on and ahead in the game. Quitting is exact opposite of all those things and like an insult it would hurt your coach.

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