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The Art of Photography with Your Smartphone

Capturing Your Kid’s Games’ Treasured Moments

Amongst the many conveniences that cell phones have brought in our lives, there is this Smart phone camera that has really changed the concept of photography. We no longer have to depend on a camera, we can always capture our camera moments instantly as we always have our smartphones around.

There is no arguing the fact that we would not get photograph quality close to that from the professional or SLR camera that we have at home, but nevertheless, the mobility and Instant access that cell phone camera provides cannot be discounted either. No doubt, you would have to compromise on zoom, light effects, motion blurring and other great features that make pro cameras just unbeatable. That apart, cell phone cameras have also come of age and have incorporated many advanced features. Besides, here are a few tips to help you capture the treasurable moments from the game without having to worry about carrying the bulk of a pro camera.

Clean the lens
Take the soft lens cleaning cloth or if you don’t have one, use a very soft clean cotton cloth to clean the lens of your cell phone camera. Do it even if you think the lens is clean because you are always handling your cell phone and invariably the lens would have oil, dust or finger print on it.

Adjust the tech settings

  • Set picture resolution to ‘High’, this will get you great pics that would be comparatively easy to enlarge. The file size goes up with this setting which might make the files a little difficult to share. So if you are not really planning to take a print of the pics, and just share them on social media, you might want to skip this one and let the picture settings remain to default.
  • If you are taking pictures in low light, use exposure lock. Exposure lock helps you lock the exposure you want for all your photographs. Even if the light is low, your smartphone camera will provide the exposure you had locked.

Find a good spot

Pro photographers always have a spot, and for a reason. Get as close you can to the action, lesser you use zoom, better your photographs turn out.

Use Burst Mode

Burst mode allows you to capture several shots within a second. You will not miss a moments of the action. Even if you are not using the Burst mode, make sure you take multiple clicks of the same shot to get the best picture.

Use light to your advantage

While taking the shots, ensure light is behind you. This will enhance your photographs. On the other hand, facing your camera towards the light source will blind your photo. If you cannot help the light direction, adjust your flash to make the adjustment.

Play around with the photographs, colors, modes or other photo-enhancing tools. Cell phone cameras have some brilliant tools that can bring life into your photos.

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