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Sports Commandments

Here are sports commandments, rules that Olympians and professional sports people live by. Great learning for our budding athletes.

Sports is not just s part of life but it actually is the way of life. Sports is the discipline, the character, the aptitude and the attitude of a person. So, if you are serious about a sports career, inculcate these ten habits now, and live by them, come what may, just like professional athletes do.

  • Thou shall think team.

You can never win alone. Period. Even if you are into an individual sport, like swimming or running or something else, you still have a team that works with you to help you achieve what you are able to. Respect that fact. The day you replace the word ‘I’ with ‘WE’, that is the day you’ll move close to your success (or your team’s success, we must say).

Yes, it’s sport and not victory. Being obsessed with victory does not count as passion. You must totally be in love with your sport. That’s the routine, and that’s the recreation, sort of passion. If you have passion, you’ll learn and get better every time you lose, but if it’s obsession with victory, you’ll get demoralized every time you lose.

  • Thou shall work on your strength – physical, mental and emotional.

Being strong means beyond physical strength. This by now you would have understood. But what you need to really sink-in is the fact that working only on game skills would not do, you need to consciously work upon your mental and emotional strength also. Work on your relationships, get rid of your insecurities, do what you scared to do, meditate, go to a serene place and spend quality time with yourself, work on fulfilment, work on happiness.
  • Thou shall not whine

Being a sports person you have to learn to take everything in your stride. You cannot afford to complain or whine about things even if they are genuinely bothering you. Learn to make things work.

  • Thou shall eat healthy.

You must prepare a diet chart and as far as possible, stick to it. there can be a party bump or Holiday break, but you must control the frequency. Eating healthy will not only ensure physical health but will ensure mental health also. Good food will take care of a lot of worries.

  • Thou shall have sleep discipline.

Abrupt sleep pattern can make life difficult. It’ll cause fatigue, stress, lethargy and even health problems like hypertension, migraine etc. Again, like with food, try and stick to the routine as far as possible with as few breaks as possible.

  • Thou shall cherish good friends.

Have a circle of friends and spend quality time with them. This will refresh you beyond you know. It will also bring in deep sense of security and belonging. Most of all, you will have friends, one of the biggest fortunes to have.

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