Thursday, 27 October 2016

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Practical Ways to Increase Team Bonding

Matches are not played by players alone; matches are played by teams. Apart from talent, teams need bonding which gives them confidence on the field. Players who do not share a healthy relationship with their team members suffer from insecurity, lack of trust and ultimately their game suffers.

Here are some practical ways to create a warm and healthy relationship amongst team players.

  • Encourage players to play games other than the team’s sport just for fun and recreation. Do this exercise randomly during any practice session. Do not make it a routine or the fun element will go away.

  • Some of the best bonding occurs while watching a pro game. Have match watching sessions with the team together. Organize some snacks, make the setting warm and casual.

  • Organize volunteer activities. Volunteering together plays a big icebreaker for players who haven’t had a chance to get to talk beyond the sport. Also, by working together players learn new dimensions of teamwork.

  • Socialize together. Have pizza parties or evening out or even team picnics to bring the team together. But the timing needs to be well planned because too much of fun would take the interest away from fun also.

  • Have adventure trips. For instance, go on a cycling trip or go kayaking or hiking, something like that. Let students do the planning. This will make it even better.

  • Teach your sport to smaller children. Teaching is a great way of learning and doing it together would be a great team bonding exercise too.

Do you know some tips that can help in team-bonding? Please let us know in the comments below.

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