Wednesday, 28 September 2016

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Sports and Studies: Doing the Balancing Act

If you want to see how busy and exhausted your children are, you need to see their personal spaces that are as cluttered and messy as their daily life. Children, these days, do not have time for anything. They are mostly playing catching up, because there’s always so much to do.

In this chaos, kids end up either losing out on their sports participation or on their studies. This is where parents need to pitch-in. With a little help, children can have a well organized routine and can smoothly go through their day. Here are a few tips to help parents put a schedule together for their kids to help them get the most of all they do. It is essential to have a well organized, orderly plan for each day as these are the most important years of leaning for your children and you wouldn’t want them to miss out on anything.

Create a schedule

It is most likely that the school already has one. Nevertheless, it is essential for you to have one for your child. You can either take a calendar and mark all important dates, projects, game sessions and other activities you kid is involved in. This will help you plan accordingly. Although, you can seek help from your smart phone to help you schedule all the events in the digital calendar. Apps like InstaTeam help you create schedules within minutes, give reminders and help you keep in touch with other parents, just in case you need to ask or discuss something.

Make a group of school parents or sports club parents

Having a group who have similar interests is always helpful. You can carpool, share information and also help each other getting through in days of need. Such a group becomes like a community that’s radially available for any help, whoever in the group needs it. Another great advantage is that kids bond very well which is good for the overall performance of the team and individual performance of each child.

Utilize resources

Many a times schools provide extra tutoring or help for kids in sports. this helps kids catch up in their studies too. This is a great resource for all those who have it. You must use all such facilities without a hitch, because these will help your child perform better both in school and sports and will boost her confidence.

Do not take more than what the kid can handle

Overburdening your kid will do no one good. While the kid will lose out on precious childhood, you’ll forsake the happiness of your child. Give your child some free time, some leisure time to stand and stare. This will bring in fresh energy in the child. Allow me-time. It is as important for kids as it is for adults.



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