Friday, 2 September 2016

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Is Your Team Falling Apart?

Not all teams loose at the games. Unfortunately, some teams loose it much earlier.

You might have the best of the players but if the team is not connected, there is no way it can be an effective team. There can be several reasons a team would fall apart, and most teams do, but it’s important to tie the loose ends in time.

Given below are some indications that point if your team’s nearing dysfunction. If any of these is true for your team, get your act together and put in the right measures in place; a stich in time saves nine.

  • No communication – No communication is worse than miscommunication. If your team’s players are not talking to each other, or you notice certain groups that do not interact with other groups, it can disastrous for the team. Engage the team in a lot of extra activities other than game practice. Have some fun team-building games, take the team on an outing, organize a social camp and let the team bond while organizing stuff. Make players interact with each other. 

  • No trust – If the players don’t trust each-other, they cannot play together. There will be no passes, no throws and opponents team will get direct benefit out of it. Again, team-building games and exercises are a great way of building trust within the team. You can also use partner system to get players to trust each other. 

  • Unresolved conflict – If there are kids playing together, conflicts are bound to happen. But all conflicts need to settle down then and there. Unresolved conflicts are evil seeds that poison the whole team. There will be groupism, gossip, lack of trust and what not.

  • Lethargy – If the players get too comfortable, lethargy sets in and a lot of things are taken for granted, which is not good for the team. There needs to be a sense of urgency for every action that needs to be taken, for every decision that needs to be made. 

  • Arrogance – This has more to do with “I” than we. If your star player is becoming arrogant of his skills, you need to curb it. this can be the start of so many problems in the team, bullying being a prime concern. 

  • Whining – This might not look like that big a deal initially, but with time a lot of whining (even if it’s only by a few kids or even just one kid in the team) can kill the spirit of the team. It can actually butcher the team’s positive energy. This can be fatal for the team. As and when you see a pattern in the complaints you hear, you know the problem needs to be nipped in the bud.



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