Monday, 19 September 2016

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College ‘App’titude

According to Pew research only 6% of teenagers use email daily as compared to a massive 91% who use texting, chat or messaging apps on a daily basis.

Mostly all college students, well more or less all, are connected on their smart phones or mobile devices or least have a laptop or desktop to their access. Students connect with other students, have study groups or interest groups, socialize, and even hangout with their online counterparts.

While the student community is as connected, are colleges being able to leverage on this communication highway? If not, here are a few ways colleges can connect with their students for communication and beyond.

Everyone, barring maybe a handful, everyone is on Facebook. Facebook can be a great way for colleges to connect with their students. A Facebook page for the college may be a common phenomenon, but engaging college students in innovative programs is still the in-thing. Alumni activities, social initiatives, interesting campaigns, it gets as innovative and engaging as it can.


Instagram can be a great platform to engage students in interactive projects. Everyday uploads, notes related to that picture and getting people to notice and appreciate the work, all of it can add both weight and thrill to projects.


The one drawback about Snapchat can actually be its main advantage. What goes on Snapchat, doesn’t stay forever. This can be the perfect platform for news flashes. Or even for broadcasting events or happenings around the college.

Team Apps

Team apps like InstaTeam are a great way to be connected to students. There can be multiple teams for a single college and for each student simultaneously. InstaTeam allows instant mobile access and web access to all team communication. It has great integrated features like team calendar, automatic website integration and updates, event scheduling, event reminders, notifications, team messaging, number privacy, social media connect and so much more. Team apps are interactive and cover the full spectrum of communication and beyond.



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