Saturday, 20 August 2016

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Youth Sports – The Bitter Truth

If your child is starting in youth sports or has been playing for some time now and you have all these fancies about youth sports, well, it’s time for reality check.

With our kids growing up in times as tough, we as parents need some hope to cling on to and youth sports seems readily promising. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but on whole the picture is not as rosy as it may seem. Here’s busting some myths and seeing the bitter truth.

It’s competitive, aggressive and ruthless

Unfortunately, yes. Youth sports is not as fun as you thought it might be, certainly not for your kid. In the kids’ world there are heroes and then there are losers. Then there’s bullying, peer pressure, competition and so much to deal with. And that’s the way it has to be because that’s how it is in grown-up life too. So your kid is learning some real life skills here. If you thought that the kid’s having fun while you are writing the checks, you might want to take a closer look in her life. Give your kid some credit for dealing with it all and standing tall.

Some coaches are biased and unfair

We all love to believe the reverse of this is true and your kids talent will be acknowledged. In reality, coaches do have their favorites and some coaches do make one child look better than the others. In an even worse scenario your kid’s coach might be so aggressive about winning that he might encourage kids to play unfair or cheat just to win. You need to be really alert, you wouldn’t want your kid to end up with such a training program.

Parents can be unfair too

For some parents too winning is more important than playing fair. Some parents are so obsessed with their child’s success in sports that they might put your kid down or least encourage their own kid to play to show your kid down. Some parents also go to the extent of shouting demeaning remarks that might really hurt your kid’s confidence. You’ll just have to make your child strong enough to go beyond such insults.  

All said, youth sports is still a great learning experience for kids. We just need to ensure to be grounded with our hopes and expectations and let the kid be a kid, even if it’s at the cost of competition. You’d be surprised what learning this brings to the kid when she’s an adult. Happy parenting and happy playing!


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