Friday, 19 August 2016

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Tips for Successful Fundraising

Start of new school year means start of school sports teams which calls for one of the first big meetings between school Athletic Directors, coaches and parents, meeting for fundraising.

 Fundraising is perhaps the biggest challenge in youth sports and it is undoubtedly the most important aspect of it. Here are a few tips to help you get do organized fund raising and ensure lack of money doesn’t stop your little stars from shining bright.

  •  Start with a budget. Count for extra expenses such as team outings, fun activities, contingencies, injuries etc. apart from counting for the obvious expenses like jerseys, training material, staff salaries, training aids, apparel, sports material, participation fee for several events, and other important costs including travelling and logistics.
  •  Make a team of parents, players and school staff volunteering for fundraising. List the activities the group will undertake for fundraising. For instance, it could be a series of activities planned on different days like car-wash, lemonade stalls, fun Olympics, neighborhood games etc. 
  •  Some parents prefer online fundraising to actually going out there. This is also a great option. You can create a Facebook page and ask parents and staff to invite over their friends. Organize fun FB, Instagram and other social media contests and you can charge a participation fee which will actually go into the sports fund. Or you could simply as friend to contribute online. 
  •  For some schools, asking parents a sports fee works best. This way the school gets the required fund and there is no taking a chance if the fund will be raised or not. If you choose this option, it would best to sit along with parents and decide upon feasible payment options. For instance, the whole budget could be divided into quarters and then split into the number of players. Each parent would pay a quarterly fee instead of paying up all at once. 

 While you know it needs to be done, you might want to make it a fun learning experience for kids as well. After all there’s so much more to learning in school than just academic education.


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