Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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The Business of Sports

Youth sports is more than just athletic training, it’s life skills orientation, a rage, a culture and most of all it’s hope for anticipating players and parents. Unfortunately, for many coaches and pro-sports training clubs, youth sports is not more than a money minting business. Not that there’s anything wrong with business, but making business out of everything isn’t right either.

There are coaches who are willing to train your kids as early as 3-4 years of age. Think about it. Pro game training when they’ve barely mastered their fine motor skills.

Even more bothering is the fact that most coaches emphasize on making a career out of the game. You would rarely come across a coach who actually focuses on understanding the game, practicing team spirit, playing together, losing gracefully, learning to respect, and learning to share. And yet more scarier is, that coaches are making kids play these games for insanely longer durations. Some training clubs actually play for 10 months outright, which is more than what pros play for.

The happy-go-merry, carefree kid is now replaced by worn-out, tired victory-focused playing robot who plays with an expression-less face, who perhaps has played several games but enjoyed really few.

Even if for some practical purposes if this sports-career mayhem is justified, our league teams should be swarming with star players. And for the number of players that are getting this sort of training, we should have all-star teams competing. But when we do the math, it doesn’t match-up. Some of the most popular sports heroes come from an era where this insanity wasn’t going on, an era when people didn’t consider sports as their shortcut to a fancy, luxurious life and when people played for the love of the game.

So you sacrifice your kid’s childhood, expose her to the risk of concussions and injuries, and of course spend all that money in training, what if your child doesn’t end up in the premier league or national team? Do you at-least get refunds? Well, it is after all a business, isn’t it?



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