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Lesser Known Facts About Olympics

Rio Olympics is the hottest point of discussion wherever you go. While everyone’s discussing Olympic facts, here’s some really interesting for you – a list of Olympic sports you didn’t know existed (well, mostly). Most of these sports were just a part of either one Olympic or two and later got scrapped. Some of these sports still exist and can be seen in Rio Olympics 2016.

Never thought trampoline was any more serious than making America’s Favorite Home Video in the backyard? Well you better think again. Trampoline has been a part of the Olympics since Sydney Olympics 2000. It is judged pretty much on the same basis as gymnastics – technique and control. This sport will be seen in Rio Olympics too.

Solo synchronized swimming
Solo synchronized swimming is like a pool ballet. A solo swimmer performs pool ballet. The sport exited Olympics after Barcelona Olympics 1992. Although Rio does have something called team synchronized swimming.

Shooting – Live pigeon
Although 1900 Paris Olympics was the only Olympics that had this sport, it is quiet surprising how it even made it to the list. Athletes were supposed to shoot as many pigeons as possible. It was a bloody, filthy massacre of innocent birds. Thank God Live pigeon shooting is not a part of the Rio Olympics.

Tug of War
One of the oldest sport, tug of war has been popular in picnics and outdoor events with friends and family. Two teams pull a rope towards themselves away from each other, like snatching the rope from each other. The team that manages to pull the rope towards themselves beyond a certain point wins. Sadly Tug of War was popular in the Olympics only till the early 20th century and was discontinued after 1920.

Swimming Obstacle Course
For those of you who are trying to imagine the kind of obstacles swimming would have, here’s the fact weirder than you can imagine. In the Paris Olympics 1900 swimmers had to cross obstacles like boats, either crawl over them or swim underneath, climb poles and more in a 200m swim race. This sport was also discontinued.



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