Tuesday, 2 August 2016

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Back to School: Tips for a Stress-free Transition

Summer break’s over and it’s back-to-school time. While there’s excitement of a new start, there’s also also fear and stress. A lot of parents worry about handling the transition.

Children often have mixed emotions about school year starting, it is the the parents who set in the mood for the kids. If parents show enthusiasm about school starting, kids start the school on a very positive note. If parents teach love and respect for learning, kids are keen to learn and school becomes this wonderful place where they get to learn different things, new things, exciting things and so on. If parents teach discipline, kids learn to behave themselves. So it is actually the attitude of parents that sets in the attitude for kids.

That said, parents need to be ready for school before children are. Here are a few tips to help parents get prepared for a great school year ahead.

One of the biggest concerns parents face is that the start of the school year means a whole lot of shopping, fee, sports enrollments and other associated financial commitments. These expenses can be quiet daunting for a month, but little savings throughout the year can help take the burden away. Create a school year account in which you save a minimal amount every month, which brings you to a healthy financial start to the school year.

Communication is vital. Communication between parents and school and communication amongst parents. Communication ensures parents are well informed, kids are up to date with their school work and good communication ensures parents are involved with the kids’ school and learning. This makes kids emotionally secure, confident and positive about learning.



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