Monday, 18 July 2016

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Why Your School Needs an App

Schools contribute to way more than just academic education of students; there’s sports, drama, dance, projects, field trips, camps and so much more. Parents are real proud when their children participate in more and more in of these school activities, but at the same time, it becomes quiet a task for parents to keep up with everything - practice sessions, events, outings, meetings and all.

It’s not just about keeping up with the events, there’s communication and coordination with the school and other parents involved too. So much of keeping up cannot be done without the help of technology. Emails aren’t effective as most of the mails go unread, or the message gets lost in the long trail of reply-all emails. Text messages are not a practical solution to bringing the concerned teachers or coaches, students and their parents together on the same platform. Electronic calendar might be great for event reminders abut does not solve the communication and coordination issue. So does it essentially mean that to work together as a team, we need 4-5 different tools or applications?

This is where a team app comes to the rescue. Team apps like InstaTeam combine the capability of different tools to provide a single platform that does everything from communication to coordination, and everything in between. These team management apps help schools conduct activities smoothly while involving and engaging parents to contribute positively.

Team Apps help:

  • Improve communication between parents and teachers. Teachers can communicate real-time with parents. Every message is sent as a notification on the mobile phone along with an email. Parents who actively use their smart phones can see the message instantly, and parents who are not active on their mobile phones get the email. So no message goes unread. More so, teachers can send bilk messages in one go. Parents can also interact with teachers real time, ask questions, doubts etc. The whole communication process becomes simpler and faster.
  • Parents involved and engaged in school activities more. This contributes positively both for the child and for the school. Parents know what is going on and thus have more confidence in the school.
  • Event notifications and reminders ensure that no event is forgotten, either by the kid or by the parent. Holiday notifications, project announcements, due date reminders etc. ensure regularity and efficiency.
  • InstaTeam allows parents or kids to interact with one another through one-on-one chat without compromising number privacy. A great step in ensuring safety.
  • The school website can be integrated with the app. Any change or update in the events calendar or schedule is auto synced and immediately reflects on the website.

Although these are compelling enough, but there’s lots more that you can do with an app. Need to know more, write to us at



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