Wednesday, 20 July 2016

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Sports Talent Vs Scholarship

All parents know it. They might not admit it but the day their kid gets into a sports team and from the day they start writing checks for the kid’s sports coaching, parents develop this secret ambition – scholarship. Some might admit it, some might not, but that’s the underlying yearning for almost every parent (although, I’m yet to meet an exception).

Well, maybe it’s natural with the soaring expenses and shrinking savings. But that still does not justify meddling with your kids’ life, trying to get into their psyche, pushing them into competition and teaching them winning is everything. Sports is a way of life. If kids learn from winning, kids learn from losing equally well, if kids learn competition, they learn sports-spirit. Falling, failing, trying, giving-up for something that’s important too, sacrificing, all of it is important too.

If you agree with this but cannot control the obsessive, compulsive parent instinct, here’s a list of things you can do to promote a healthy sports talent in your kid.

  • Cut out – No talking doesn’t help if you are still hearing, hearing every single comment about your kid’s performance, hearing about all the pressure tactics other parents are putting their kids through and hearing all the advice the so-called wise parents have to give. Just cut out from all that, and your life as a parent will be a lot easier, let alone your kid’s life as an athlete.

  • Let coaches coach, let players play – Lets face the fact here. Pay for the training doesn’t really make you in charge of the training. Friendly advice is different but telling the kid how he should play the game or teaching the coach how to coach would not really come across as you intend it to. Not when it’s repetitive. You’’ have to sit back and relax. Let the kid and his team figure it out and believe they will.

  • Let the kid cry – Crying is a natural emotion and a healthy one too. It’s actually one of the simplest way a person lets out their anger, frustration, sorrow or any negative emotion. It’s literally like washing it out. And once the crying is done, there emerges a kid who’s learned a lesson or promised himself a change.

  • Youth sports is more than just the game – It’s your kid’s window to the real world. There will be adversities, bad day, failure, dropping the catch, missing the free throw and so much more. But that really is the best part. All the learning, the grooming and preparing for the game and life comes from dealing with these adversities.



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