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Important Tips On Leading a Photography Group

Leading a hobby group can be quiet a taxing, thankless task. People are working, they have other commitments and often there’s lack of motivation to keep the them coming back and dedicating time to the hobby. Then, with photography, Instagram and other social media engage photography enthusiasts so well that there’s no vacuum for the passion left that a group can fulfill.

Given so many constraints, how does one lure members to keep coming back to the group? Well, here are a few tips to help you keep your group together.


  • Understand what brings people to the group: It’s a photography group, so an interest in photography is quiet obvious. But still, each person could have different motivation, for instance, one person might be wanting to take up professional photography while the other person might just be there for the love of it. once you know what people want, you can organize sessions accordingly.

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  • Chalk out a plan: Once the expectations are set, a detailed plan that defines the raison d’etre for the group and clearly states the achievable target by a certain time. If there is no defined benefit from the group, in all probability the group won’t last long. The group’s purpose needs to be clearly identified.

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  • Arrange interesting activities: Organize engaging activities like street photography, beach walk, nature trail, a day in the garden, automobiles and mean machines, inside the house and so many more different types of photography sessions.

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  • Keep everyone engaged: Groups tend to break-up if there’s lack of activity and communication. Since people have busy schedules and have too hectic lives for hobby and pleasure, it is imperative that the group activity is so indulging that people look forward to it, it’s like a stress buster exercise for them. Keep interesting, engaging communication going, have activities, picnics, fund raisers and more. The only consideration would be to time your communication and activities well. Too much or too little will tick people off and the group will finally disintegrate.

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  • Encourage participation: Nothing makes members feel more involved in the group than when they participate and take ownership of the task assigned. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Ask for volunteers who can help, people who are keen on participating and you’ll be surprised to see the response. Seek help in organizing, problem solving and other group tasks.



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